Jack Daniel's Green
Jack Daniel's Green is a seldom seen expression from the distillery, Tennessee whiskey drawn exclusively from casks which are stored on the ground floor where there is less fluctuation in temperature and, as such, the whiskey does age less pronounced.

Content 750ml - volume 43%
€ 499.95 499.95 EUR
Suntory Hakushu 12 years Sungoliath 2003
Hakushu 12 years old, bottled in 2003 for the victory in the 55th and final Company Clubs Rugby Football Championship.

Content 600ml - volume 43%
€ 999.95 999.95 EUR
Suntory Yamazaki 12 years Sungoliath 2002
Yamazaki Pure Malt 12 years old, bottled in 2002 in honor of Sungoliath, winners of the 39th season in the All-Japan Rugby Football Championship.

Content 600ml - volume 43%
€ 999.95 999.95 EUR
Suntory Hall 15th Anniversary
This decanter has been released in 2001 to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of Suntory Hall. The whisky itself is a special blend of 15-year-old whiskies.

Content 600ml - volume 43%
€ 1,495.00 1495.0 EUR
Suntory Hibiki 21 years 2011 Kutaniyaki
Arita and Kutani are the pre-eminent ceramic houses in Japan, both located on the island of Kyushu From 2001 till 2014 each house designed a decanter, which was hand-painted and bottled with Suntory's exceptional Hibiki 21 years old.

This is the Kutaniyaki 2011 release, bottled for the year 2012.

Content 600ml - volume 43%
€ 11,995.00 11995.0 EUR
Ichiro's Malt 2015 Yokohama Grand 2024 SC #4492
This is Ichiro's Malt 2024 single cask exclusive bottling for the Yokohama Grand Hotel. Distilled in 2015, matured in wine cask #4492 and limited to 180 bottles.

Content 700ml - volume 63%
€ 999.95 999.95 EUR
Glenlivet 1966/42 years G&M Book of Kells
Glenlivet 1966, 42 years old, bottled by Gordon & MacPhail 23rd July 2009 for Japan Import System, one of 241 bottles drawn from Refill Sherry Hogshead #4221.

Content 70cl - volume 51.5%
€ 2,295.00 2295.0 EUR
Karuizawa Ootori 18 years
Ootori, meaning mystical bird, is a rare blend of Kawasaki grain whisky and Karuizawa malt whisky, produced by Mercian in the last decade of the 20th century.

Content 700ml - volume 43%
€ 399.95 399.95 EUR
Ichiro's Malt 2013/8 years The Whisky Crew SC #2871
Ichiro's Malt 2013, 8 years old, bottled in 2021 from 2nd Fill Barrel #2871 for The Whisky Crew. This is one of 185 bottles.

Content 700ml - volume 64%
€ 1,395.00 1395.0 EUR
Chivas Regal Chairman's Reserve II
Chivas Regal Chairman's Reserve II is a selected blend of the finest 25 year-old Scotch whiskies, the masterwork of James Lang, the Chief Blender at Chivas Brothers Limited in Paisley Scotland. Released in 1985 it represents the culmination of his knowledge years of experience, talent and intuition.

Designed exclusively for Chivas Regal Chairman's Reserve, this exquisite decanter is hand made by skilled Stuart craftsmen who use the highest grade of white sand from Loch Aline on the west coast of Scotland.

Content 750ml - volume 43%
€ 699.95 699.95 EUR
Ichiro's Malt 2011 The Whisky Crew 2019 SC #1321
Ichiro's Malt 2011, bottled from Bourbon Barrel #1321 in 2019 for The Whisky Crew. This is one of 207 bottles.

Content 700ml - volume 58.5%
€ 1,095.00 1095.0 EUR
Glenfiddich Heritage Reserve Mary
Glenfiddich Heritage Reserve, depicting Mary, Queen of Scots.

Content 700ml - volume 43%
€ 349.95 349.95 EUR
Suntory Encyclopedia Britannica 1995
This Suntory Book decanter was launched in 1995 to celebrate the release of the 15th edition of Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Content 660ml - volume 43%
€ 999.95 999.95 EUR
Matsui Tottori 30 years
This is a 30 year old blended Matsui whisky from Japan. Matsui whisky has a chequered past, originally bottling what was actually imported Scotch that had been aged in Japan at the Matsui-Shuzo warehouses and using packaging suspiciously similar to Suntory products.

Content 700ml - volume 50%
€ 899.95 899.95 EUR
Suntory Hibiki 17 years (2013)
Suntory introduced Hibiki in April 1989, released to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the company.  The NAS premium blend at 43% ABV carried a suggested retail price of ¥10,000. Designated as “a masterful blend of specially aged whiskies with a mature full-bodied taste” on the front, the back label further elaborates that the contents are a mix of 30 different whiskies. The unique bottle, with its 24 facets that reflect the hours in the day as well as all the ‘small seasons’ in the year, sported a medallion, a gold cap stopper, all packaged in a luxurious box.  

Hibiki 17 years old was launched in 1994, as replacement for the nas version which however contained the exact same whisky. This one was bottled in 2013.

€ 999.95 999.95 EUR
Suntory Hibiki Blender's Choice
Suntory introduced Hibiki in April 1989, released to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the company.

Hibiki Blender's Choice was introduced in September 2018, a nas whisky containing 12-30 year old Hibiki, created as replacement for Hibiki 17 years old.

Content 700ml - volume 43%
€ 299.95 299.95 EUR
Suntory Yamazaki 12 years Single Malt Distillery
Suntory Pure Malt 12 years old was introduced in 1986. This engraved bottle is a limited edition which was a gift for employees of the distillery.

Content 700ml - volume 43%
€ 2,495.00 2495.0 EUR
Suntory Yamazaki 1984 Pure Malt Sherry Wood
Yamazaki's 1984 Sherry Wood, aged for 15 years, bottled September 1999. Just 20 barrels where qualified to be used for this release.

Content 180ml - volume 45%
€ 2,995.00 2995.0 EUR
Suntory Hibiki 12 years LNG Terminal 2014
Suntory introduced Hibiki in April 1989, released to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the company.

This 12-year old Hibiki was released in 2014 to commemorate the Hibiki LNG Terminal which became operational that year.

Content 500ml - volume 43%
€ 1,995.00 1995.0 EUR
Suntory Yamazaki 10 years Single Malt
Suntory Yamazaki 10 years old was introduced in 1995, initially as Pure Malt which later changed to Single Malt. Yamazaki 10 years old phased out around 2015.

Content 700ml - volume 40%
€ 499.95 499.95 EUR