Niepoort 1952 Garrafeira
The second generation of the Niepoort family, in the late 19th century, had the fortunate idea of purchasing some 4000 glass balloons (in the form of old apothecaries’ bottles) of dark-green glass with varying capacities from 8 to 11 liters.

Eduard Karel Jacob van der Niepoort sadly died early and it was his son, Eduard Marius van der Niepoort, Dirk’s grandfather, who gave purpose to the demijohns by bottling the best wines of the 1931 harvest, thus creating the type “Garrafeira Niepoort”.

Content 75cl - volume 20%
€ 599.95 599.95 EUR
Whitwhams 1853 Millennium Port King Pedro V Royal Reserve
The story of Whitwhams 1853 Millennium Port: “Some Douro farmers have hidden treasures. Old Ports that lay in cask, undisturbed in family cellars throughout generations, sometimes crossing several centuries. This rare wine was produced by the Cavaleiro family in the Upper Douro to celebrate the coronation of King Pedro V of Portugal, in the middle of the XIXth century. Just over one pipe of this wine has lain undisturbed in the same family hands ever since. After nearly one and a half century in the cask, the time has come for the wine to be bottled and for it to be enjoyed in the 21st century, the new Millennium. The wine finally made its way down the Douro in February 2001 and was bottled by Niepoort in their Vila Nova de Gaia lodges.”

Content 150cl - volume 20%
€ 4,995.00 4995.0 EUR