Campari Bitter
Cordial Bitter is one of the most sought-after bitters in the market. This bottle was released in the 1970's.

Content 100cl - volume 25%
€ 199.95 199.95000000000002 EUR
Amer Picon 39°

This Amer Picon was produced in the 1930's, bearing Italian seals from the period 1933-1943.

Content 100cl - volume 39%

€ 399.95 399.95 EUR
Amer Picon 30°

Amer Picon 30° was available from 1954 until the 1970s.

Content 100cl - volume 30%

€ 349.95 349.95 EUR
Amer Picon 21°
Amer Picon 21° was available from the late 1960's until 1989.

Content 100cl - volume 21%
€ 199.95 199.95000000000002 EUR
Lou Cacaou Aperitif
Lou Cacaou Aperitif a base de Vin, produced in the 1960s/1970s.

Content 100cl - volume 16%
€ 24.95 24.95 EUR
Moët & Chandon Petite Liquorelle
First introduced in the 1980s Petite Liquorelle was an attempt from Moët & Chandon to market a new style of cocktail drink, a mixture of M&C Champagne and Marc de Champagne, which is a eau-de-vie made from Champagne grapes.

Unfortunately Petite Liquorelle was discontinued in the 1990s.

Content 20cl - volume 18%
€ 79.95 79.95 EUR
Dom Bénédictine
Content 50ml - volume 40%
€ 4.99 4.99 EUR
Dom Bénédictine

Content 30ml - volume 43%
€ 4.99 4.99 EUR
Carpano Punt e Mes
Punt e Mes dates to around 1867 and is simultaneously amongst the bitterest and sweetest of vermouths. Punt e Mes is a rare example of a vermouth amaro, or “vermouth con bitter,” a style of vermouth with extra bitters added. Adulterating Vermouth di Torino with bitters or vanilla flavoring—almost like a cockail—when drinking it is an Turinese custom almost as old as vermouth itself; this style has bitters built-in. Although it is not typically described or marketed as such, Punt e Mes can be thought of as a bottled vermouth cocktail.

Content 75cl - volume 16%
€ 29.95 29.95 EUR
Amaro 18 Isolabella
Isolabella 18 is an Amaro, a tonic whereby 18 reflects to the exact number of herbs used to produce this drink. Isolabella 18 was first created in 1871 by Italian Egidio Isolabella. Isolabella 18 can be drunk pure on ice or used as an ingredient for cocktails.

Content 70cl - volume 20,9%
€ 24.95 24.95 EUR
Martini Bitter
Ín March 2014 Bacardi Martini has announced the re-launching of its Martini Bitter which it says is the original bitter aperitif, available for a short period of time. This Martini Bitter is the old presentation, bottled in the 1980s and based upon the original recipe from 1872.

Content 100cl - volume 21%
€ 49.95 49.95 EUR
St. Raphaël Doré

The wonderfully fragrant St. Raphaël Doré, also called Ambré, is based on white wine includes vanilla amongst other herbs.

Content 75cl - volume 16%
€ 9.95 9.950000000000001 EUR